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The Egadi Islands
The Stagnone Lagoon
Stabilimento Florio
 Previsioni Meteo
Previsioni meteo


Antonio Noto ,

Island that interwine from a difference tre another Island modified
by the time and by the wind, smoothed between legend and reality.
Surreati5tic but real in the time and in the space. Island full of tradition and unpublished scentes, that forget in the time. Visible fascinating
and full of strong winds that alienate you. Blocks and reef worked by the man, corroded from the lime, fascinating and unforgettable.
Intense warm lights,shine on Egadi full of reefs and carribean colors.
Island so full (in any moments)of an immense positive energy that enter
to you in the heart and you bring in wardly for ever.

Photos of the island Antonio Noto






Antonio Noto Tel: 3332163303

Photos of the island

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