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 Previsioni Meteo
Previsioni meteo


Visualizza Porto di Favignana in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori

Useful information on the harbour
Position: 37°55',93N;12°19',50E
Municipality of Favignana
Surface geometry: 99,000m²
Land surface: 21,000m²
Dock length: 295m
Length outer breakwater : 205m
Length landing stages: 95m
Dock height: 1,20m
Average depth: 3,00m
The harbour is open to the mistral
Capacity: approx. 100 moorings
Warning: pay particular attention when entering and leaving the harbour: work in progress on extension to the breakwater
Also pay particular attention to the signals from the TONNARA when you see the tonnara boats engaged in this activity during the tuna fishing season.
Useful addresses for the holiday yachtsman:

Maritime authorities: Ufficio Locale Marittimo di Favignana: Piazza S.Leonardo, 1, Tel. 0923922273

First aid stations:
Faviganana, Via delle Fosse Tel. 0923921283
Levanzo Tel.0923924097
Marettimo Tel.0923923117

Click to see a panoramic 360° view of the harbour.

Pontile Turistico

Assistenza all'ormeggio: Gigi Tel: 333 681 5254 - 338 301 2552



Panoramica del porto di Favignana



Photos by Antonio Noto and Elio Faraci Traslation: Lynne Vicinanza




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